LRT, Bus, Jeep?

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LRT, Bus, Jeep?

Postby sfgiants » October 31st, 2016, 10:23 pm

In a perfect world Manila's LRT should be the best choice for commuters but dammit it is probably the world's worst light rail/train system. Few stations have escalators. Elevators forget it. Those with escalators rarely have one that is working. To make matters worse the stations are very high off the ground. You have to climb at least five to six flights of stairs just to get to the level where your bags are inspected by uniformed guards and where you buy your tickets. Then adding insult to injury in some stations this floor would be above the flatform for the trains. So you go up 5 floors only to go downstairs again to actually get on the train. All these with no escalators. Then when you get to the platforms its all crowded. Trains come at 10 minutes interval even during rush hour. Thats too long for a crowded city like Manila. When the train comes its all full to capacity nobody at the platform can even get in. :lol: It's like you as a passenger died and got sent to LRT commuter hell. So you have to wait for another train. And that too is over-crowded. When you are finally able to squeeze in you are packed like sardines in there. And in rush hour some stations have a long line just to climb these stairways to "heaven." Ayala station is probably the worse for this kind of thing because of all the office workers getting off at the same time.

The positives are it does beat traffic and the beep card system is convenient. And it seems LRT is the only place I see Pinoys falling in line anywhere. :lol:

But sometimes due to all that hassle of climbing the infinite stairways and crowdedness it can be much easier to catch a bus or jeep. They are all ground level and they stop wherever you want. Unfortunately this system leads to more traffic. And yes can get stuck in traffic more.

I wish they can make improvements in the LRT. It is the best option to lessen traffic. The things they need to do are:

1. Faster intervals between trains - to lessen crowdedness in the platforms and stations.
2. Longer trains - just adding one car to each train will help ease crowdedness. And yes the train stations can handle longer trains. The current trains are only about half the actual length of the stations.
3. Escalators in all stations - kahit wala nang down escalator. Yung up escalator ang kailangan kasi yun mga passengers pagod na galing sa trabaho tapos aakyat pa ng pagkataas-taas na train station.
4. Sana lagyan nila ng walkway between Shaw blvd station saka Ortigas station saka SM Mega Mall saka Shangri-LA. Lahat din ng stations na me malapit sa mall dapat lagyan ng walkway para maglakad na lang from mall to train--tulad ng Cubao at Araneta stations. Kasi pangit ng sidewalk sa Maynila. Makitid, crowded na tapos lalu pang naging crowded dahil sa illegal vendors tapos lubak lubak pa. T@ng-na naman o. Talagang pahirapan buhay sa Maynila.
5. Extend trains to Mall of Asia and NAIA airport. I know me plans for the airport pero balita ko hindi mismo airport ang bagsak ng train. Sakay ka pa ng bus daw papunta sa airport. Pangit plan. Kaya namang i-connect talaga sa airport yung duon mismo sa terminal ang dating ng train--tulad sa Bangkok or Hong Kong. Pero it takes too much sense kaya ayaw nilang gawin. You know in govt if it makes sense they can't do it. They have to do it the least sensible way.
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