My Bestfriend Confessed 16 yrs later & I'm Married

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My Bestfriend Confessed 16 yrs later & I'm Married

Postby Lalalopsy101 » May 4th, 2014, 2:17 pm

I have a tragic love story with my first love. My very first love was my bestfriend when I was in high school. His name is Jay. He was my ultimate crush. It was 1998 and I was only 14, I was innocent, never been kissed & touched and never had a boyfriend. I wrote poems about him. He was one of the important reasons why i go to school. I wrote a novel about our love story since he has a girlfriend at that time and his girlfriend was our classmate and one of my close friends (I know... it hurts right?). On that same year a movie by Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin was released. I could relate so much to Jolina. The movie tells basically mostly about my feelings and what is happening to us. To a weird coincident, the name of Vanessa's character (Ned's GF in the film) was also the name of Jay's GF who happened to be one of my close friends. In the movie, Marvin agustin or Ned is fund of giving gifts to Budjoy mostly teddy bears. Jay also gave me teddy bear on my birthday. So I went so crazy I bought the cassette tape of the OST of the movie. Jay used to go to my house. He loves my mum so much and he loves her cooking. He would come to our house when he needed help with his homework or when he needs my notes. My mum, my dad and my whole family knows I had a huge crush on him.

Until after our 5 years of stay in Manila, one day came when we needed to move back to Bacolod. We had no communication by then. 1, 2, 5 years had past. I moved on with my life. I met different guys. I went to college, had a bf for 5 years, had a job and I enjoyed my life. Due to my dad's request, I went to Dubai to work with him. I met Jay again on friendster. We had connection again. Then it stopped when I had another BF. Years went on, we found each other on facebook. Had a casual hi and hello convo, greetings etc... My BF prosposed to me and I accepted it. 2 years later we got married. Jay and I still had a casual "Hi, how are you" talk on FB. My relationship with my husband is not good at all. It is not like a normal couple fight. He went to the UK and stayed there for over a year until now. I considered and gave him a chance yet it didn't work. I am at the edge of a thought to divorce my husband when one night I was drunk, I saw Jay online on facebook. I buzzed him and here we go again with casual Hi and How are you talk like every normal friend does. It just all came as a joke when I asked him to date me because he is still single. He laughed and ignored my question. I was persistent with my crazy question when an unexpected i read his unexpected answer. He told me that I was and always has been the love of his life. He was already in love with me when we were still in HS yet he was not brave enough to tell me. So many reasons that made him shut his piece for 16 years. That very moment i realised that I am still in love with him. he was and has always been the one. But he kept it for a long time. Now I am married and away from home where he is. Complicated enough he is willing to fight for his love for me but am I too late? I am married. am I selfish to pursue my divorce with my husband to be with Jay? This is my current situation. I am going on leave from work to see him. I don't know what to do. Any advice?
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Re: My Bestfriend Confessed 16 yrs later & I'm Married

Postby AgaMulat » October 20th, 2016, 11:51 pm

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